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Established in 1968, Mississauga is a conglomeration of various smaller villages including: Meadowvale, Streetsville, Clarkson, Erindale, etc. Therefore, in addition to Mississauga’s city centre, the vicinity in and around City Hall, Mississauga is distinct in that it has a smattering of former “downtowns” permeated throughout its city limits; each of these areas containing a distinct feel and small town charm.

Communities_MississaugaIn addition, as Canada’s 6th largest city, Mississauga offers a community rich in diversity and multiculturalism. Festivals throughout the year, celebrate this theme, most notably in Carassauga, where venues are established throughout the city, highlighting various ethic and cultural influences that add to Mississauga’s fabric.

Various landmarks identify with the city, including the Living Arts Centre, Rhododendron Gardens, Square One – Ontario’s largest shopping mall, and Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Mississaugais a family oriented city with a beautiful waterfront, many sports, leisure & arts facilities, and with 11 community centres. Mississauga has more than 480 parks & 23 trail systems including part of a 780 km waterfront trail running from Niagara-on-the-Lake to the Quebec border.

Mississauga also has a vibrant downtown city centre, containing major retail, office, entertainment and condominium living rivaling that offered in Toronto.